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The Midwest Opens Today! Was This a Bracket Buster?!

Well, the Midwest is officially opening today! Andes Tower Hills will be the first official ski resort open in the Midwest, opening Sunday, November 14th, from noon to 4:00 PM. They will be open with one run and a carpet.

Although this surprised a lot of people, it really shouldn't have. Last season Andes Tower Hills had an impressive showing, opening second in the Midwest just five days behind Wild Mountain. One of our team members, Jack, will be out there this afternoon to catch some of the action - so if you see him make sure you say hi.

What Does the Rest of the Week Hold?

This opening is only the start for resorts across the upper Midwest. We have seen inches of natural snow Friday through Sunday morning, and Sunday evening is shaping up to be a fantastic snowmaking opportunity. We feel we will see a couple more openings this week and into the weekend. Click here to read our article on who we will be watching this week.

Andes Tower Hills Are Bracket Champions - How Does Our Bracket Look?

The bracket faired pretty well with this opening! Although we lost out on 11 points with Andes Tower Hills taking the victory, we picked up 9 points since we had them going to the final four!

We feel pretty good about our bracket picks moving into this week. However, there are still a ton of great matchups to keep an eye on. This thing is far from over! We have a feeling we will be doing some bracket updating on Monday or Tuesday this week.

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If you want to learn more about Andes Tower Hills head on over to their website at

We hope everyone has a great opening week and look forward to seeing everyone out on the slopes this season!


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