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Growing up in Chicago, I was always far from what most would call a real "mountain." That didn't stop my dad from taking me skiing almost every weekend. Fast forward 20+ years, and I still find myself in the Midwest (I blame my wife.)  As I have moved to different areas of the Midwest for my wife's medical training, I have learned that Midwest skiers share a passion and love for skiing that is truly on a deeper level. Not to mention we also love to have a great time, both on and off the hill. 

I created this website and video series for all Midwestern skiers to share their pride in who we are both on the mountain and off of it. I also wanted to create a space to document all the different and amazing experiences in our ski community.

I hope everyone enjoys the site and videos. If you have any suggestions or would like to request me to check out a resort near you, please shoot me a message using the contact page.

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