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Who Do You Have In the Midwest's Race to Open? Fill Out Your Own Bracket

With Copper, Abasin, Keystone, & Loveland all firing up their guns last week, we are officially in the race to open. Truthfully this is our favorite time of the season. There is something about that anticipation, knowing that any day the temps will drop to that sweet number of 28 degrees (or below) so we can finally hear that magic sound of snow guns humming throughout the night.

Last season the Midwest was king taking home the first to open and the first chairlift spinning in the United States, but sadly it isn't going to happen this season. Weather patterns across the Midwest have been trending higher than average, while resorts in the West are already announcing opening dates for this weekend. So when can we expect to be skiing and riding this season? Well, we got you covered with our annual's Wayyy Too Early Opening/Weather Predictions.

In this video, we give some pretty bold weather predictions and pick who will open first in the Midwest, who will be first in each state, and who will be last open to close out the 2021/2022 season.

We also announce our brand new Race to Open Bracket, a March Madness-style bracket with the top thirty-six ski areas from last year's Race to Open. If you want to download a printable PDF and fill out a bracket yourself, head to

We will be hosting a live video stream next Thursday, October 21st where we will be filling out our bracket, answering questions, and just having some fun. Details on how you can join will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

As we edge closer and closer to the season, we will keep you updated on when resorts in the Midwest will be opening. That said, be sure to like all of our social media pages and subscribe to our Youtube channel as well.

Pray for some snow (and colder temps), and we hope to see all of you out there soon!


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