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BDog Hands Out 8K in Cash at Wild Mountain!

Earlier last month, the Midwest saw an event that was one of, if not the best, of the season. Phil Casabon, a.k.a. B-Dog, returned to Minnesota with a bag of cash, a truck full of Monster, and plenty of Stoke to host his first-ever Off the Leash-Park Edition at Wild Mountain.

About the Event

This event's layout was really unique. Two different groups were those who had never competed in an event and high-caliber skiers from across the Midwest. The $8,000 in cash was equally distributed across both these groups, meaning that even beginner skiers were walking away with money. This distribution of the prize money is something I have yet to see in an event. Brad Larsen of Wild Mountain said, "Handing out cash throughout the event is a unique and lightly-used way to share a cash purse… but people were lovin' it!" 

I absolutely love this approach because we tend to focus so much on the higher-level athletes in the sport, but it's really getting those kids hooked that brings them back for more and drives this industry—seeing groms walk away with $20-$50 in cash and a big smile on their face hit home for me. In the late 90s, I participated in an event, and just walking away with the event bib was enough to get me stoked for years to come. So I couldn't imagine what all these kids were thinking, walking away with cash and giveaways from this event. These are the types of events I'd love to see more of in the future.

Not only was it great to see an event of the scale back in the Midwest for skiers, but it was also great to see B-Dog and Eric Iberg back in Minnesota. Some of you might remember the Inspired Demo Tour over ten years ago, where B-Dog, Henrik Harlaut, & Paul Bergeron visited countless Midwestern Mom & Pops - stoking up the community. It was great to see B-Dog return after ten years; he shared, "Being back in MN felt like home - the ski resort is of modest height, but yet the stoke of the skiers is above the clouds."

B-Dog & Iberg Returning to Minnesota

Eric Iberg helped facilitate that Demo Tour and was equally important in bringing the Off The Leash Event to Minnesota. "Honestly, I've known Eric Iberg (from afar) as a ski movie maker. He made, quite possibly, my favorite ski movie, Idea. But we were stoked to work with him as an event producer. It was a great event, and all the credit goes to Eric and Phil Casabon. They brought together the format, sponsor, and overall hype. We did our best to operate the venue in their vision. And, overall, we think it went pretty well." stated Brad Larsen from Wild Mountain, and I would agree. 

When I asked Eric and Phil about the future of the event, they both agreed they'd love to see it continue and are planning to bring it back next season. Where will it be held? Well, that will be considered this off-season, but regardless, I will be sure to be there next year. 

Why Events Like There Are Critical

Events like this are so important for this industry for a couple of reasons;

One: they give high-level athletes one they give high-level athletes, the inspiration they need to push to the next level. Seeing pro athletes recognizing your local hill is something we all need. Seeing these pro athletes stoked about what the Midwest offers proves that you don't need a "mountain" to become a pro skier.

Second: it gives the younger generation the stoke they need to love this sport. There's no denying there are a lot of barriers to keeping individuals in this sport for a lifetime, but events like this create the sparks and memories to keep the young ones coming back.

Thank You

A huge thank you to B-Dog and Eric for bringing this event to Minnesota and showcasing our Midwestern ski areas. We can't wait to see what the future of this event series holds, and we will mark our calendar for next season. We can't wait to see what the future of this event series holds; see you next year!


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