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It’s Game Time! Snowmaking Temps Are Back & Skiing Is Around the Corner, Here Is Who We Are Watching

Mother Nature got us all amped up this morning with a small amount of accumulation across the greater Twin Cities area. Although most of it melted before noon, it kick-started what will be a busy week of snowmaking in the Midwest.

Temperatures across most of upper Minnesota and Wisconsin look promising for several good windows of snowmaking weather over the next week. Once the snowguns start firing up, we will update our guide with who is making snow, but before then, let's discuss who we will be watching over the next week.

Sunday Will Be the Night To Watch

Some of our more Northern resorts across Minnesota and Wisconsin will see a snowmaking window from Friday night to Saturday morning. A couple of resorts such as Detriot Mountain & Andes Tower Hills could fire up the guns, but I think the majority will wait until Saturday night, as the temperatures are looking more promising. Saturday, we will likely see a handful more resorts kick on the guns, but the best snowmaking window comes on Sunday night.

Sunday night into Monday, resorts in the Northern part of Wisconsin/Minnesota and the UP will be firing on all cylinders. Temperatures will be dropping into the lower twenties and even teens in some areas - meaning it will be a productive night of snowmaking. Most resorts will also see over twelve hours of snowmaking temperatures that evening, making it an excellent snowmaking opportunity. This window may even be enough by itself to open a resort such as Wild Mountain or Tyrol Basin, but more on that in a bit.

The Extended Forecast Looks More Promising

Earlier this week, we voiced some concern about the extended forecast looking like it was bringing warmer temperatures in the middle of the week. After Monday, temperatures do look to be warming up, but they are not looking as terrible as they did a few days ago. In fact, after the slight warm-up, the overnight temperatures starting on Wednesday night look much more promising. If this weather prediction holds true, resorts will likely have to break from snowmaking Monday and Tuesday night but should be able to pick it back up for overnight snowmaking for the rest of the week.

Does This Mean Skiing/Riding This Week?

We have been burned here before, but we feel there is an excellent chance to see a couple of openings this week - including lift-serviced skiing and riding. The slight warm-up on Monday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon is a concern, but if the end of the week temperatures hold true - this could mean the potential for over four solid nights of snowmaking. Four solid nights should be enough snowmaking time for a few openings across Minnesota and Wisconsin.

We will go on the record and say there is an excellent chance of skiing/riding this week in the Midwest.

Who Are We Watching Closely?

We will be watching everyone closely over the next few days, but here are a few resorts that I think have a chance to be the first to open this week. Of course, these are just predictions based on an ever-changing weather forecast, so be sure to keep an eye on their pages for official opening details.

Wild Mountain (Our Opinion Based on the Forecast) - A couple of weeks ago, the greater Twin Cities area got shafted on the cold front that was projected to move in. Temperatures barely got below 30 degrees, but we don't think this happens again! Wild will go full steam ahead on Sunday night and will open Monday, November 15th.

Tyrol Basin (Our Opinion Based on the Forecast) - After their earlier performance this season, we are believers! Tyrol isn't messing around and is in it to win it. They will fire up the snowguns Sunday evening and will go full force. It will be close, but they will have just enough snow to spin the Lift A and will open Monday, November 15th.

Ski Brule (Our Opinion Based on the Forecast) - One of the best forecasts this week! They will start with a strong Saturday night push and work through the majority of the nights pumping out snow. Ski Brule likes to open on Fridays, and it will happen again this year as they will open for the season on Friday, November 19th.

Trollhaugen (Our Opinion Based on the Forecast) - The Trolls will fire up the snow guns on Sunday late evening, but it won't be enough for their standard chairlift opening. They will hold out for a late-week snowmaking push starting on Wednesday night and will open for the season on Saturday, November 20th.

Sleeper Pick: Andes Tower Hills (Our Opinion Based on the Forecast) - Don't sleep on Andes Tower Hills! They also have a very favorable forecast and will hit the ground running. They'll be able to get enough snow made by the end of the week to open for the season on Saturday, November 20th.

This should go without saying, but every resort wants to get open as soon as possible. However, Mother Nature is the only one that can dictate when, so sit back and relax. Your local hill will open as soon as they are able.

Be sure to follow us on our social media pages as we will be updating them with information regarding who is making snow. You can find the link below.

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We hope all of you have a great weekend, pray for snow, and we hope to see you out there!


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