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Tyrol Basin Will Host a Hike Park Wednesday & Thursday

We saw a ton of resorts across the Midwest fire up their snowguns this week, but it seems only one will allow skiing and riding this week. Tyrol Basin will be hosting a hike park with all of the snow they have made over the past couple nights of snowmaking.

The Deets:

Where: Tyrol Basin

When: Wednesday (11/3/21) & Thursday (11/4/21) 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

How Much: $25 for non-pass holders; Free for pass holders

Does this Count as an Offical Opening?

No. Since there is no lift access, it does not count toward the race to open. But Tyrol's hike park marks the first time Midwest skiers and riders will have the chance to ski snow that was made this season. So although this doesn't count as an official opening in the race to open, we believe it earns A TON of brownie points!

This Was an Impressive Effort

All this snow was made in less than 18 hours in marginal conditions. This was an impressive effort by the team over at Tyrol Basin. We believe if they had another night or two, they would have had Chair A spinning.

What's the Setup Look Like?

Tyrol is still working on their setup for the park, but you can check out their live webcam below.

Will The Hike Park Be Available Over the Weekend?

The answer is a hard "we will see." The forecast is calling for warm temps later in the week, so it will largely depend on how much snow is lost over the next few days. Be sure to check in with Tyrol Basin as the weekend edges closer.

We hope to see everyone out there!


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