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Midwest Monday - Wild Mountain -E9

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Welcome to Midwest Monday, a 100% pure skiing/riding edit featuring ski areas and riders from around the Midwest. New episodes are uploaded every Monday during the season, so check in every week so you don't miss an upload.

Many know Wild Mountain as one of the first ski areas in the Midwest to open, but there is much more to Wild Mountain than that. They build some great parks on both the Frontstage and Backstage runs every season. So when we heard that they both just got fresh sets, we had to check it out, and the team at Wild certainly did not disappoint.

Special thanks to the skiers/riders in this weeks episode: Ashton Pearson, AJ Nelson, Avery Church, Mason Ferell, West Anderson

If you want to check up on last week's episode, you can catch it out below.


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