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Midwest Monday - Welch Village & Afton Alps - E10

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Welcome to Midwest Monday, a 100% pure skiing/riding edit featuring ski areas and riders from around the Midwest. New episodes are uploaded every Monday during the season, so check in every week, so you don't miss an upload.

For today's Midwest Monday, we started the week by paying a visit to Welch village and riding with the head of their park crew, Cody Stendel. Cody Sure knows how to throw down, but unfortunately, his bindings do not. However, worn-out bindings did not stop him from lacing some bangers in front of the lens. I wouldn't be surprised if a Gofundme page for a fresh set of bindings would pop up soon.

We ended the week by checking out Afton Alps' new terrain park setup. There, I met up with the swap kings of Afton. These long challenge rails did not seem to faze this group at all.

Special thanks to the skiers/riders in this week's episode: Cody Stendel, Dom Lonetti, Jack McManus, West Anderson, Drew Cook, and Ben Silverglate.

If you want to check up on last week's episode, you can catch it out below.


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