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Bracket Busted - Here are the Midwest's First 15 Ski Areas Open This Season!

Wow, what a crazy past ten days it has been for the Midwest skiing and snowboarding scene! Going from nearly 70 degrees to having over 15 ski areas open across 5 Midwestern states. The even better news is that we'll have even more ski areas joining the opening party this week, marking one of the best Thanksgiving openers the Midwest has seen in years.

But the past couple of weeks didn't exactly go as I expected! In fact, I lost eight matchups over the past week, and some deep sleepers came out to play! Sundown Mountain, Seven Oaks, Sunburst, Afton, & Alpine Valley -MI rocked my bracket this season-opening much earlier than historical data would suggest!

Zabransky's Race to Open Bracket

Huge shoutout to all the snowmaking teams and all the staff that worked so hard to get us on snow this early!

Given all of the upsets and surprises this season, I wanted to share with you the first 15 ski areas open this season:

1. Wild Mountain, MN - 10/18/22

2. Andes Tower Hills, MN - 10/18/22

3. Trollhaugen, WI - 10/19/22

4. Afton Alps, MN - 11/18/22

4. Powder Ridge, MN - 11/18/22

4. Sundown Mtn, IA - 11/18/22

7. Tyrol Basin, WI - 11/19/22

7. Alpine Valley, WI - 11/19/22

7. Ski Brule, MI - 11/19/22

7. Lutsen Mtns - 11/19/22

7. Seven Oaks, IA - 11/19/22

12. Pine Knob, MI - 11/20/22

12. Little Switzerland, WI - 11/20/22

12. Sunburst, WI - 11/20/22

12. Bottineau, ND - 11/20/22

12. Huff Hills, ND - 11/20/22

If you want to view all of the data we have collected so far on opening dates from this season's (and previous season's) race to opens, click here.

I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving week, and get out and make some turns!

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