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>650 Beers Distributed W/ 25 Stops - Thank A Snowmaker Tour 2022

Last week TechnoAlpin's Midwest Sales Rep, PJ Britz, and I loaded up the TA truck (and later a rental Challenger) and set out to thank the crews that put us on snow every season. This season's Thank A Snowmaker Tour kicked off in the wee hours of the morning on December 12th and lasted three consecutive days. On day one, we made our way through Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois - stopping at eight ski areas (+one delivered by Lil Switz) along the way.

Day One Stops:

Buck Hill, MN

Welch Village, MN

Bruce Mound, WI

Devils Head, WI

Cascade Mountain, WI

Nordic Mountain, WI (Delivered by Lil Switz)

Little Switzerland, WI

The Rock Snowpark, WI

Day two brought a much further drive, as we right around Lake Michigan and straight up the state of Michigan - the goal; was to make it over the Mackinaw Bridge before turning in for the night. We stopped at another eight ski areas throughout the Mitten state along the way. But during this leg of the trip - we stopped by the Grand Rapids Airport to swap out the TA truck for a shiny new Dodge Challenger because nothing says great winter driver quite like a rear-wheel drive vehicle.

Day Two Stops:

Swiss Valley, MI

Timber Ridge, MI

Bittersweet, MI

Caberfae Peaks, MI

Shanty Creek, MI

Boyne Mountain, MI

The Highlands, MI

Nubs Nub, MI

Day three was our final tour day, another ambitious one! The goal was to travel through da UP, down through Minnesota, and back to the Twin Cities. We finally saw solid snowmaking temperatures, and every ski area we stopped at was firing on all cylinders. We stopped at eight ski areas bringing our final total to 25 ski areas!

Day Three Stops:

Marquette Mountain, Da UP

Black River Basin, Da UP

Jackson Creek Summit, Da UP

Big Powderhorn, Da UP

Mt. Zion, Da UP

Spirit Mountain, MN

Wild Mountain, MN

Trollhaugen, WI

This season's Thank A Snowmaker Tour was a MASSIVE success, but it wouldn't be possible without the support of TechnoAlpin, Bent Paddle Brewing Company, & Liquid Death Mountain Water. I want to give each of these fantastic companies a HUGE shoutout for helping support this tour and all the individuals that dedicate their lives to putting us on snow. The Thank A Snowmaker Tour will return in 2023 with a brand-new route! So where will we be stopping? Well, you'll have to wait and see!

Thank A Snowmaker Tour 2022 Final Stats:

25 Snowmaking Crews Thanked

>1500 Miles Traveled Across 5 States

360 cans (30 cases) of Bent Paddle Snowmaker Distributed

384 cans (32 cases) of Liquid Death Mountain Water Distributed

300 cans of PBR Distributed

Countless Smiles From Our Dedicated Snowmaking Teams

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