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The State of the Industry: Day Two at MSAA

Another action-packed day at the MSAA (Midwest Ski Areas Association) conference! We opened up with Kelly Pawlak of NSAA (National Ski Areas Association) giving us some great insight regarding the state of the entire ski industry and some challenges we will face in the coming years. I'm planning on breaking some of that down in a future video for all of you.

The afternoon was filled with more statistics discussions courtesy of Dave Belin with RRC Associates. He offered a ton of great insight into how last year measured up and what it could mean for the future of skiing/riding in the Midwest. Lots of takeaways from these numbers, but to sum it up - it was a fantastic year in the Midwest. This is another subject that we are planning on covering more in-depth in a future video.

I wrapped up the day playing team trivia and sampling Wisconsin craft beers. I teamed up with some of the Trollhaugen, Elm Creek, & Detriot Mountain teams. Although we fell 1 point short of getting first place, I thought we crushed it.

The day ended with a BBQ right on the Mountain Top Ski Resort grounds. It was a great way to wrap up a wonderful day of learning. I even took a hike up to the top of Top Noch run, which looks like a fantastic hot lapping run! I can't wait to make it back this winter.

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