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TBT: The World's First Quad Chairlift

A few weeks back we posted the story on how Everett Kircher (Owner of Boyne/Boyne Highlands) was responsible for building the world's first triple chairlifts, but it took it a step future a few years later.

After seeing the success of the original triples (Heather & Little John) installed in 1963 at Boyne Highlands, Kircher knew there was an opportunity to build an even bigger lift.

Just one year later (1964,) the world's first quad chairlift was installed at Boyne Mountain. The chairlift, designed by Heron, was named the Meadows Quad. It had an uphill capacity of 2400 skiers per hour, a 33.33% increase from the Highland's triple uphill capacity.

The Heron quad was replaced in 2008 with a Doppelmayr CTEC quad but still runs in the original location. So although you can't ride the world's first quad, you can ride its younger (and quicker) version.

If you want to learn more about Boyne Mountain head on over to their website by clicking here.


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