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Spirit Mountain - Ski Resort Sundays

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Grab some coffee and join us for Ski Resort Sundays (SRS), where each week, we take a brief look at a ski resort from around the Midwest. SRS episodes are uploaded every Sunday at 8:00 AM (CST) so make sure you check in each week to see which ski resort we are covering. Today, we will be examining Spirit Mountain.

Spirit Mountain is located in Duluth, Minnesota, about two hours from the Twin Cities, and its history dates back to the early 1970s. The city of Duluth was looking for a way to get more people outside during the winter months and thought a ski resort might be the answer. So, developers went for a ride around Skyline Parkway and decided it was a perfect place for a ski resort. Spirit officially opened to skiers in December of 1974, and they were welcomed by four chairlifts and a rope tow servicing eleven runs.

Today Spirit Mountain offers 22 runs serviced by five chairlifts and three surface lifts, all while boasting seven hundred feet of vertical drop, putting Spirit Mountain on the bigger side of Midwestern resorts. The ski resort also features a high-speed quad, which making lapping runs quick and easy.

Spirit has a great variety of terrain and utilizes its size very well. Skiers and riders can find steep fall line runs onlookers right, while lookers left offers longer groomers that feedback to the high-speed lift. Spirit also boasts several terrain parks that have well-built and maintained features. The Lone Oak Park has its own dedicated rope, which makes lapping a breeze and the Spirit Park features the biggest and best jump line in the Midwest.

Lastly, Lake Superior and the city of Duluth give this hill a breathtaking backdrop that offers skiers and riders amazing views throughout their descent. The city of Duluth also provides fantastic things to do outside of skiing, such as its countless restaurants, shops, and local breweries.

If you want to learn more about Spirit Mountain, head over to their website at, and we hope to see you out there this season!

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