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The Little Hill That Could: Let's Chat With The Buck Hill Racing Team!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

The Buck Hill Racing Team is undoubtingly one of the best ski racing programs in the world. Producing top names such as Linsey Vonn, Kristina Koznick, & Paula Moltzan, the Buck Hill Racing Team has a legacy of racing dating back to 1965. A massive development came in 1969, however, when the Buck Hill owners brought in Erich Sailer as the new Program Director for the Team and the rest is history.

Today the Buck Hill Racing Team is overseen by Jacob Olsen and we had the pleasure to sit down with Jacob to talk about his history in ski racing, The Buck Hill Racing Team, & what makes this Midwestern program so different.

Some of our favorite moments include his stories of working with the legendary Erich Sailer over the years and insights on what makes this program so different from others around the world. If you want to check our entire interview with Jacob Olsen you can click the link above.

If you want to learn more about Buck Hill, check out the video that we did a few years ago highlighting this historic hill below.


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