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Midwest Monday - Wild Mountain, Buck Hill, & Afton Alps - E2

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Welcome to Midwest Monday, a 100% pure skiing/riding edit featuring ski areas and riders from around the Midwest. New episodes are uploaded every Monday during the season, so be sure to check in every week, so you don't miss an upload.

It's Thanksgiving week, and resorts all around the Midwest are opening their doors to all the eager skiers and riders. For today's Midwest Monday, we visited three different Minnesota resorts filled with riders that did not miss a beat during the offseason. So join us as we visit Wild Mountain, Buck Hill, and Afton Alps to check out some impressive early-season skiing and riding.

Special thanks to all the skiers and riders featured in this episode: Grant Sadusky, Matt Wunderlich, Olaf Coffey, Jake Johnson, Casey Gilles, Jack Mcmanus, Caden Mcmanus, Lucas Green, Adam Peterson, Drew Ahlstrom, and Jake Medvec.

If you want to check out last week's episode, we will link it below. But until next time, we hope all of you have a great week, pray for snow, and we will see you guys out there!


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