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Afton Alps & Hyland Hills - Midwest Monday - E15

Welcome to Midwest Monday, a 100% pure skiing/riding edit featuring ski areas and riders from around the Midwest. New episodes are uploaded every Monday during the season, so check in every week, so you don't miss an upload.

Afton Alps and Hyland Hills, despite their differences - are pretty similar. For one, they are both ski areas in the great state of Minnesota. Second, they are both fortunate enough to have Jeffery Brown as a pass holder. So now that Hyland And Afton are best friends due to the reasons we listed above, we bring you a Midwest Monday from the two best friends that anyone could have.

Special thanks to the skiers/riders in this week's episode: Matt Wunderlich, Logan Grayson, Adam Peterson, Drew Ahlstrom

If you want to check up on last week's episode, you can catch it out below.

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