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100 Foot Mountain (2023)

About the Film:

100 Foot Mountain, a short-form documentary film produced by, invites viewers to explore a small community hill nestled literally in the heart of the Twin Cities. While much of the industry media focuses on bigger, better, and faster, this film instead shines a light on the powerful sense of community and mission that foster diversity and inclusivity across winter sports.

It's not always about the steepest and most extreme terrain but about providing those spaces for people to learn their first turns, enjoy the winter landscape, and develop a passion for sliding on snow. At its core, "100 Foot Mountain" is a celebration of small hills interwoven in community and a pathway forward for serving those who may be left out of the larger mountain experience. It highlights the importance of making these activities accessible to all, regardless of background, socioeconomic status, or skill level. The film touches on both the successes and challenges of urban hills in both serving their communities and getting the word out - keeping others aware of the excellent work they're doing.

100 Foot Mountain invites us to remember some of the most powerful memories on snow aren't about the vertical feet but about who we share those moments with. It's about inspiring others to 'get out there' but even more, to realize who isn't 'out there' and keep working to include others in this sport we know and love. We invite you to join us as we seek to discover the core of skiing and snowboarding at the tiny hills we know and love - not just as a winter sport but as a place where everyone has the opportunity to find joy, sliding down a 100-foot mountain.


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