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2023 Race to Open Bracket.png

-Brackets should be filled out completely by 10/17/23
-Opening is classified as open with a lift operational (could be surface lift or chair) 
-Passholders-only days count as openings
-If there is a tie - the next determining factor is how many runs the ski area opened with.

Correct answers are worth the following...
-First round - one point each
-Second round - two points each
-Third round - three points each
-Fourth Round - four points each
-Fifth Round - five points each 
-Final Round - six points

-It may be smart to fill out brackets backwards (pick overall winner first than second, third, etc) 

-Seed ratings (next to resorts name) are the ranking that the resort had last season. (With the exception of Brule who did not open so we estimated their opening)

-Keep general weather patterns in mind. Typically weather moves West to East and resorts near each other will open generally around the same time


=  59 - 73 points 


=  46 - 58 points 


=  82 - 92 points 

=  74- 82 points 

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