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Thank You Snowmakers!

Unless you live under a rock, and even if you did, you probably noticed that temperatures across the Midwest have been highly favorable for snowmaking, but we'll talk about that that in just a minute.

More Resorts Open Across the Midwest

Skiing Santa predicted thirty resorts would be open this past week, and well, skiing Santa was right. We had thirty-two resorts open across five states, which is impressive given our early season weather has been… let's say, far less than ideal. But starting this past Sunday evening, that started the change.

Our Inaugural Thank A Snowmaker Tour

And that's why there is only one headline this week: Our Snowmakers. This Monday at 2:40AM, we started our inaugural "Thank a Snowmaker Tour." The idea behind this tour was to drive awareness to those that make our industry tick by passing out cases of PBR to several resort snowmakers around the Midwest. And I have to give a massive shout-out to TechnoAlpin for helping make this tour possible.

I then spent the next forty-eight hours traveling over one thousand miles, passing out eleven cases of beer to snowmakers across three states. And I have to say; this was by far one of the best experiences I have had working in and around the ski industry.

Sure, it was great to see all the different snowmaking systems, but the real joy came from meeting the individuals responsible for putting us on snow every season. These are some of the most dedicated, humble, and hard-working individuals you will meet anywhere.

Every stop reminded me how hard snowmakers are working to ensure we can enjoy the sport we all love. Frigid temps, howling winds, and working with water is pretty much no one's definition of a good time, except these individuals.

Their passion shows through their work, and after talking with them, it sounds like there is no better feeling than seeing the joy they can bring to skiers' and riders' faces when they hit the slopes. So being able to put smiles on their faces by handing them some beer was an incredible experience.

Thanks again to all of our Midwest Snowmakers, and make sure to say thank you if you see them around your hill. Be sure to keep an eye on our guide, as we will see many new terrain and resorts opening up for this weekend.

But there you have it, your fix of Midwest ski news from the past week. If you want to check out last week's episode, we will drop a link below. But until next time, we hope all of you have a great week, pray for snow, and we'll see you guys out there!


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