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Hyland Hills - Ski Resort Sundays

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

But before it was Hyland Hills, the ski resort was called Mt. Normandale and was started by Gordy Bowen and Oscar Strand. The hill opened in the late 1950s and initially had a lot of success. However, the ski resort would fall on some hard seasons causing it to close and eventually be sold to the Hennepin County Park Reserve District and the name change to Hyland Hills.

Today Hyland Hills offers thirteen runs, three chair lifts, and five surface lifts. In addition, they have two terrain parks that offer a variety of great features, and each has a dedicated rope. Hyland's park scene is something special, you will see kids elbow-to-elbow lapping every feature at the hill, and this resort is known for producing some top-level park riders.

Although Hyland Hills isn't the largest resort in the area, its location in the city makes it a perfect place to visit after work for some evening laps. The hill offers a good variety of runs to hit everyone's skill level, but their terrain parks are something that will keep park rats coming back. Additionally, standing at the top of the hill enjoying a cityscape view with airplanes taking off overhead is undoubtedly an experience worth the trip.

If you want to learn more about Hyland Hills, check out their website at or check out our other videos covering Hyland Hills below.

We hope to see you out there this season!


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