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The Rock Snowpark - Ski Resort Sundays

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Grab some coffee and join us for Ski Resort Sundays (SRS), where each week, we take a brief look at a ski resort from around the Midwest. SRS episodes are uploaded every Sunday morning, so check in each week to see which ski resort we cover. Today, we will be examining Pine Knob.

The Rock Snowpark is a ski resort located in Franklin, Wisconsin, located just minutes from the city of Milwaukee.

The Rock Snowpark started as Crystal Ridge, and construction began in 1985. The Ski area was founded by John Kaishian and was formed by inviting local contractors to bring their extra fill and aggregate to build up the ski hill. They would then use bulldozers to shape and grade the hill to what it looks like today.

The ski area would open just a couple of years later, and not much would change over the next few decades. In 2011 Michael Zimmerman would purchase Crystal Ridge and change the name to The Rock Snowpark and added to his multi-sport rock complex. But in 2017, the Schmitz Brothers would take over the area on a long-term lease, and they would heavily invest in ski hill - adding more advanced snowmaking, high-speed rope tow, and add other amenities to the hill.

Today The Rock Snowpark offers eight runs serviced by a double chair, high-speed rope, and a few surface lifts. Although small in size, The Rock does provide a run of every ability of skier/rider. You will find a great beginners area when you walk in - all visible from the main chalet.

Working your way to the other side of the ski hill, you will find a solid intermediate run called Crystal Bowl, and their black diamond Whitnall offers more advanced skiers a lap-able option as well. Even though the summit takes a moment to get to, it’s always worth at least a trip to take in the views of the Milwaukee skyline on a clear day or night.

But one of the Rock’s most loved areas is their terrain parks and for a good reason. The Rock boasts several terrain parks with features for all abilities, and their sets are switched up regularly. This coupled with their high-speed rope, makes this the perfect setup for hot laps and perfecting those hard-to-land tricks.

Lastly, The Rock’s location just minutes from the city of Milwaukee makes it the ideal place to grab some laps after school or work, meaning you never have to go more than a couple of days off of your skis or board.

If you want to learn more about The Rock Snowpark, check out their website at But until next time, I hope all of you have a great week, pray for snow, & we’ll see you out there!


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