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Nub's Nob - Ski Resort Sundays

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Grab some coffee and join us for Ski Resort Sundays (SRS), where each week, we take a brief look at a ski resort from around the Midwest. SRS episodes are uploaded every Sunday morning so make sure you check in each week to see which ski resort we are covering. Today, we will be examining Nub's Nob.

Nub's Nob is a ski resort near Harbor Springs, Michigan, just over four hours from Detriot and about three hours from Grand Rapids. The resort has a long history dating back to the mid-1950s. Norman and Dorie Sarns were avid skiers and decided to build a small ski hill in Cross Village, along the coast of Lake Michigan, to entertain their friends and family. Unfortunately, they soon discovered that this location made for a terrible ski hill as being so close to the lake made for unreliable snow.

A few years later, in 1957, the Sarns toured the land that would soon become Nub's Nob. They performed a land swap with the state to acquire the land and began building their new ski resort. The resort would be named Nub's Nob after Norman's nickname Nubbie.

The resort would officially open on January 18, 1959, with three trails and one double chairlift. The ski area would continue to develop over the years. Still, one of its most significant developments would come when the resort was sold to the Fisher family in 1977, and they brought in Jim Dilworth as General Manager.

Jim Dilworth is iconic with snowmaking as he was one of the inventors of the world's first fan gun. The team at Nub's saw snowmaking and grooming as a critical part of operating a thriving resort in the Midwest. They would continue to work to reinvest and update their infrastructure, even going as far as to research, develop, and patient their snow guns. And this focus on snowmaking and groomer remains today.

Today Nubs Nob offers 53 runs, eight chair lifts, and one rope tow - covering over 248 skiable acres. Nub's Nob has something for everyone - from glades to bumps to groomers; they will keep everyone in your family happy. Nubs'multiple peaks also give this resort a larger feel.

Nub's Nob is a resort filled with character, history, and terrain. Their charming chalet and bar only add the feel - making it a skiing and riding-focused area.

If you want to learn more about Nub's Nob, head to their website at

We hope to see you out there this season!


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